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Google DataStudio – Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What is Google DataStudio?

Google DataStudio is a Software to visualize data. It’s browser-based and made by Google. You can easily and fast create dashboards with various charts connected to your data. It is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows you to analyze, visualize, and share data with ease. Additionally, it offers features such as customizable reports, real-time collaboration, and integrations with various Google services. Check out the official website of Google DataStudio.

Is Google DataStudio free?

Yes. Google DataStudio is free. You can use it and create as many dashboards as you want. For free.

Is Google DataStudio secure?

Yes, Google DataStudio is generally considered secure. It utilizes industry-standard security measures such as encryption and access control to keep data safe and private. Additionally, DataStudio also provides auditing capabilities to help you easily track user activity. But there are two main aspects you need to consider.

First is data privacy. Without the consent of your users, you are not allowed to share
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with any third-party provider, including Google DataStudio. Thus, you need to make sure A) you have the right to share this data or B) you don’t share PII data.

And second is that you carefully control with whom you are sharing the report. Reports can be shared to specific eMail addresses with a Google account or via a unique URL. Later one makes it easy to share a report with a larger group, but there are no further restrictions on accessing the dashboard. You should not use URL sharing if the report contains business secrets.

Is Google DataStudio good?

Yes, Google DataStudio is a great platform for analyzing and visualizing data. It provides powerful features and an intuitive user interface that make it easy to explore and share data. Additionally, it has integrations with other Google services, such as BigQuery and Google Sheets, that allow you to leverage the full power of the platform. It’s free, has a lot of data connectors build-in and is extendable with community addons. But there are more advanced visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.

Is Google DataStudio open source?

No, Google DataStudio is not open source. It is a closed-source platform developed by Google. However, there are several open-source alternatives available, such as Metabase and Apache Superset, that offer similar features and functionalities.

When was Google DataStudio released?

Google DataStudio was initially released in 2016 and since then continuously improved. There are still coming more and more features.

Is Google DataStudio part of G Suite? Or Marketing Platform?

DataStudio is part of the Marketing Platform. Check out the official website here:

Is Google DataStudio easy to learn? How to learn DataStudio?

Yes, Google DataStudio is fairly easy to learn. It has a simple user interface and a robust set of features that make it easy to get started. To learn DataStudio, you can take advantage of Google’s free guided tutorials, which will teach you the basics of the platform. Additionally, there are plenty of online resources and videos that can help you learn more advanced techniques. Since it’s free, you can just head to and start playing around with your first dashboard.

Which Google DataStudio connectors are available?

There are different kinds of DataStudio connectors (or data sources):
A) officially from Google
B) Partner Connectors
C) self-build

A) Currently there are 22 official data connectors from Google. These are:

Google DataStudio: data sources from Google

B) Additionally, there are nearly 600 connectors built by partners. You can use them under the terms of the partner. These are usually SaaS Tools like data processors which allow you for a fee to use their wide range of connectors.

C) And the last option, you can code your own data connector. This requires skills in Google AppsScript, but it’s doable. An experienced developer should be able to build an own customized data connector.

How to share Google DataStudio reports?

You can share DataStudio dashboards via 2 options.
A) Only for selected users through their eMail or
B) via Link sharing

The sharing options can be found in the top right corner with the “Share” button. In the upcoming layer, you can choose between these options with the tabs “Add people” and “Manage access”.

The first layer lets you add users with the rights for “edit” or “view” and their eMail Addresses. New users can be directly notified via eMail by Google.

Sharing options: Add people

In the tab “Manage access” you can see all current users with access as well as the option for “Link sharing”. If activated, everyone with this link gets access to your dashboard. Careful with that.

Sharing options: Manage access

How to embed Google DataStudio in websites?

You can embed any DataStudio report into your website. You find the setting for that in editing mode under the sharing options. Click on the small arrow next to “Share” and choose “Embed report” then “enable embedding”. Here you can set some further settings and choose how to embed the report into your website.

“Embed report” in editing mode under sharing options.
Embed via iFrame or URL

How to embed Google DataStudio into WordPress?

A link to Google DataStudio cant be natively embedded into WordPress because it is not compatible with the Editor. To embed a report in WordPress you need to start a paragraph and then switch to “Edit as HTML”.

In HTML you can add the iFrame code from DataStudio. But keep the p-Tag. These are required from WordPress.

<p>{add here iFrame code}</p>

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